I write/produce custom music for media.  This includes music scoring for video and audio projects, and music replacement tracks.  Need music for your project?  Please feel free to call or email and discuss the needs of your production.  If your project is on a very tight deadline, I also have an extensive library with tracks in various styles that might fit your needs.  I look forward to hearing from you!




     I compose custom music for tv, radio, film, video games, web sites, applications, and many more venues. Having composed music in a broad range of genres for many different applications, no matter what you require I can help you with your project. If you need an identifiable product branding song, an epic percussion driven trailer style piece, underscore for an advertisement, or an emotionally impacting score...I'd love to hear from you.

What if I need music right now?

    No worries, I have a substantial library with a plethora of different styles such as corporate (motivational), indie rock, epic orchestral trailer, groove, dance, urban, electronica, world, emotional scores, and more. You can immediately license one of these from my library, which will fit perfectly with your budget and time constraints.

    If you have a high quality project that needs more input than 'this music track will work'....I would be glad to be part of your team in developing the right sonic impact for your product, film, game, etc.

Questions?  See the F.A.Q.